New Website Information

Welcome to our new site!  Below is some information relating to our platform switch.

Reward Points:

Due to the unpopularity of the program the rewards points program was discontinued with the site switch.

All previous customers that had a points balance will still be able to redeem their existing points that were available during the site switch.  Please use the contact us form and request your one time use coupon code for the amount of your points.  1 point = $0.05.  Your coupon code will be emailed back to you.  Codes will not expire.

Customer Accounts / Past Orders:

Due to security reasons customer accounts could not be created automatically in the new site.  All past order info has been retained and is available.  Do not hesitate to call or contact us if you need some info from prior orders.

With the new site you can create a new account or use guest checkout.  Creating an accounts speeds up your checkout process and also retains your shopping cart.  You can start an order as long as you are logged in and all the items in your cart will remain even if you switch computers.  Using the wish list function is also available to account holders.

Paracord Colors:

During the switch to the new site we also switched vendors for our 550 Paracord.  Some of the names have changed to reflect what this vendor calls the color.  Some colors are being discontinued and are being offered at some great deals!

Wholesale Accounts:

If you are one of the very few wholesale accounts you must call in your orders for the time being.