Paracord by the pound

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Great for small projects, emergency packs and to get an assortment of colors.

Sections of cord will run from 10ft to over 100ft. Can contain both 275 and 550 Paracord

When we have paracord from the end of spools, incorrect cuts or paracord with blemishes (picks, color imperfections) it gets tossed in the poundage box.  In the past we have only sold this at our retail location but its now being offered online.

One pound consist of approximately 200ft of paracord.

When ordered we will pull an assortment of colors (solids, tweeds, reflective, camos and patterns).  We can not guarantee colors or lengths of sections that will be received.  Larger orders might receive multiple sections of the same color.

There are NO RETURNS on paracord by the pound.

There are NO limits to how much you can buy.

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