Sabre Personal Alarm Pink 100dB PA-NBCF-01


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Show your support for breast cancer awareness with this pink keychain alarm that supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The keychain attaches onto backpacks, purses, or keys and has dual sirens that emit a loud 110dB alarm to call for help when the fob is removed from the chain. Any would-be attacker will certainly think twice about continuing to target someone who is making such an attention-grabbing noise. Keep yourself or someone you know safe and support women in their fight against breast cancer with this economical and effective self-defense device.


  • Pink alarm with breast cancer ribbon logo
  • Supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • A donation is made from the sale of this alarm to the NBCF
  • Keychain attaches onto backpacks, purses, or keys, and more
  • Separate alarm and keychain to emit a 110dB shriek and scare off attackers
  • Dual sirens can be heard up to 300 feet away to call for help

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