Nebo Lucy Light 8 LED Pocket Work Light



The Lucy™ 8 LED Pocket Work Light is the essential handyman light. 8 powerful LEDs provide 60 lumens of bright white light. You can’t be a handyman/woman if your hands aren’t…well, handy. The rotating magnetic clip gives you convenient hands-free lighting by attaching to virtually anything. The reinforced plastic body design is shock-proof and water-resistant, making the Lucy™ basically indestructible. The Lucy™ 8 LED Pocket Work Light…perfect for any job!

Output – 60 lumens
Height – 6.375”
Weight – 0.235 lbs.
Batteries – Three AAA Batteries (included)

8 LEDs output 60 lumens of light (bulbs rated for 110,000+ hours of life)
Rotating magnetic clip
Recessed LED housing
Water-resistant reinforced plastic body design


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